Zack Arias preparing his speech at the Gulf Photo Plus in London Zack Arias preparing his speech at the Gulf Photo Plus in London

Gulf Photo Plus London

Just some short notes that came through my mind while flying home from the Gulf Photo Plus weekend in London with Zack Arias, David Hobby, Gregory Heisler and Joe McNally. And as mostly English speaking people where with me, I try this blogpost in English. Please forgive me a) if you only read german and b) if you cannot understand my English either 🙂

  • If you are at a convention like the Gulf Photo Plus – for example in London – you’re better not showing a picture made by you on your iPhone. There is a chance of maybe 5:1 that the guy or girl you’re talking so nicely half of the evening has a better picture than you on his/her iPhone. And yes, I never saw so many great pictures on lock screens.
  • I wish I could had a list of music great photographers listen to, to be inspired and get new ideas for their work. This would be a million seller for sure.
  • An octabox has it’s name because it costs a octahundred dollars.
  • Greg Heisler does his own post procession. So he can see his faults and learn from them for the next shoot. Sounds ridicules, isn’t it? But tells us a lot about his passion.
  • First question you should ask yourself before getting a camera near your eye: what am I going to shoot?
  • Every once in a while you should think about the latest pictures you took that touches you emotionally.
  • If there is an idea coming to your mind you better write it down. Otherwise it’s gone. While writing it down you maybe think that’s a stupid idea, but there is a chance that 6 weeks later this idea changes your life forever.
  • “Motivating the practical” Greg Heisler
  • “The camera is just a machine. It wasn’t at art school.” Joe McNally
  • “Photography is being a new kid in school class every day of your life.” Joe McNally
  • “Shoot what you love. Find the pockets that are filled with money. Grow vertically.” David Hobby
  • “If you don’t talk to people you will have a hard time being a photographer – unless you’re shooting landscape.” Zack Arias
  • If Zack Arias stand in front of you pretending taking photos of a huge building, he is maybe actually taking pictures of you.
  • Tip for better street photographs by Zack Arias: “Add people. They give your pictures scale, time and location. And it helps to connect the viewer to the picture. “
  • Beside all that stuff I learned at this Gulf Photo Plus event: great photographers are great entertainer, great stand up comedians and very, very polite.

Thanks a lot for all the different talks to photographers from New York to Yemen. I’m awfully (scnr) thankful for the people at Gulf Photo Plus for putting this weekend together. And the Fuji people are awesome, too 🙂

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