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Photographs are created for the future. Only when something is no longer there will you realize that you don't have a photo of it. Most people often only become aware of the value of a picture much later.

The camera is key for me. With it I open doors and enter other people's lives. Sometimes for seconds, sometimes for much longer. I see these intimate moments as an award. As an opportunity. And each of these moments changes me and my perspective.

I am aware of each and every one of these changes. That's why I'm happy when I can hold a camera in front of my eyes. My inner joy often spills over to the people in front of my camera. That's why I'm able to create images with people who are not camera-experienced that they'll enjoy looking at again and again.

Whoever books me gets it my experience. And if people are willing to give a real part of themselves, then moments can create interesting snapshots for the future.

Although I have been using my camera almost every day for quite a long time now, every photograph is different. Because every person is different. I think the most important thing when taking photos is to respect the dignity of the person being photographed. Maybe this isn't just important when taking photos.

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