St. Pauli has the bowl St. Pauli has the bowl

St. Pauli has the bowl

St. Pauli has the bowl - that's how the 2023/24 season actually ended yesterday. Not in the Millerntor, but on the Spielbudenplatz, the team and tens of thousands of people celebrated another championship in the second Bundesliga after 47 years. The promotion was properly celebrated with the presentation of the championship trophy.

For the numerous fans who could only find a seat a little further away from the stage, I brought a few impressions from the front row.

Of course, everyone who came close to the championship trophy looked for the entry for FC St. Pauli. However, it doesn't even exist yet. The last master engraved is the one from last season. The DFL obviously didn't manage in roughly 24 hours what UEFA managed right at the end of the Champions League - namely engraving the winning team on the trophy. Is it just me who finds this a bit strange?

And the medals are really super ugly. I hope this is an incentive for the team to hang something nicer around their necks soon. Although: we don't want to exaggerate. In my opinion, slow growth is a better option than wanting too much too quickly. For now, “we have come to stay” is the motto for the next season. Bundesliga is a different number than the second league. St. Pauli has the cup will certainly not be called again next year. Regardless, I'm still looking forward to the new season...

The evening was very relaxed at Schmidt's funfair Theater ended. Of course there are no pictures of the private party. But the players were happy to finally be able to eat solid food. The last ascension celebration also ended there – do you remember?

By the way: the Leica Store in Hamburg welcomed me on July 4.7th. invited for a so-called Artist Talk. So if you want to see and hear more sports pictures and maybe some nerd talk from me, you should get one Ticket via Eventbrite obtain.

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