Failed to stay in the league

FC St. Pauli absolutely deserves to not manage to stay in the league in the 2023/24 season. Anyone who is always in a promotion spot from the 8th matchday onwards will definitely deserve to be promoted at the end of the season. First of all, my warmest congratulations to the team – players, coaches, supervisors, etc. Everyone did a great job and we can all now watch first division football at the Millerntor next season. Isn't that cool?

Fever curve of FC St. Pauli's table positions in the current season

Before promotion, a game against Osnabrück had to be played. Without wanting to seem disrespectful, I didn't meet anyone who doubted that they would get the point against the bottom of the table that would be necessary for promotion. The club even took appropriate precautions and did not set up the advertising boards in front of the back straight. According to rumors, the storming of the square in Leverkusen cost several million because the gangs collapsed. Of course the neighborhood club doesn't have this money. For me this had the advantage that there was more space for nicer perspectives. Even if these pictures probably don't interest anyone today.

From the 78th minute onwards, the sound engineers became active and put the microphones away. Then TV people came with camera equipment and the TV cameraman from the center line camera also called it a day. I packed my bag and wanted to take it somewhere safe while photographing the celebrations with the cameras around my shoulders. But by then it was already too late. No more getting through. Still, nothing happened at all - except that I was almost knocked over. A wonderfully peaceful atmosphere pervaded the square and a lot of exuberance was noticeable. Fabian Hürzeler was carried to the Sky microphone and the beer shower took place in front of the camera. The trainer doesn't drink any beer.

What awaits us in the Bundesliga? Millernton already noted. But first here are the pictures from today.

All that remains to be said is that I think it's really bad that the penultimate matchday can no longer take place at the same time. The drama of this match day is lost as a result. And all of this for a little more TV money - not even the TV viewers deserve that.

No matter, I finally experienced a storm at the Millerntor. This was still missing from my collection. I have the last one witnessed in Darmstadt. The celebrations afterwards were also successful. I even liked it better than the last climb. I really hope that next year we will be able to stay in the league again.

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