Historic success

FC St. Pauli's success against Hansa Rostock was a labor victory, but it ends with a historic success: for the first time since the introduction of the Bundesliga in 1963, FC St. Pauli finished the season ahead of any other Hamburg club. That's good for the soul, but actually only because it also means that FC St. Pauli will end the season in at least a relegation place. Fans and the club certainly hope that the season can end a little better.

Otherwise it was one of the unspectacular encounters against Rostock. They could have taken the lead in the first half, but the team is in a relegation zone for a reason. Too harmless in front of the brown and white goal of Vasilj, who was once again strong, but otherwise well positioned, the Rostock team made life difficult for the slow FC St. Pauli. Actually, only Eggestein had a very good chance to score, but was separated from the ball at the last second.

I had a few conversations during the half-time break, but none of them showed any fear that we would lose the game. And so it happened.

In the second half, the brown and white team turned up the heat, deservedly took the lead and had the game under control. In the end it was 1-0. A good horse doesn't jump higher than it has to.

Here are a few pictures of the game that led to the historic success.

If you want to hear the humorous title to greet the away fans again, you can currently on Instagram do. It is definitely worth it. Thanks Tommy for the hit.

Now there is a not entirely insignificant away game next Friday. If this is won, the failure to achieve the season's goal - namely staying in the league - could be celebrated at the last home game of the season. I think that's good. On the way to further historic successes…

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