First defeat of the season at Millerntor First defeat of the season at Millerntor

First defeat of the season at Millerntor

Playing for the first time for SV Elversberg played in St. Pauli and caused their first defeat of the season at Millerntor. It was a wild game in which the boys in brown and white lacked their usual order. Thanks to a good counterattack, Elversberg remained very dangerous throughout the game.

In the first half it was thanks to Saarland's inadequacy in front of the goal and Nikola Vasilj in the St. Pauli goal that the score was 0 behind. Unfortunately, that changed in the second half. FC St. Pauli's efforts were not as effective as they often are in such games. One thing led to another and resulted in the first defeat of the season at Millerntor. Despite a possession preponderance of 70 to 30 for brown and white, SV Elversberg was able to win 3:4. I'm on the more detailed analysis of Millernton curious; excited.

In the crunch time of the season, FC St. Pauli takes a short break and loses twice in a row. A five-point lead over their neighbors in the table sounds relaxing, but with five games left in the season, there are now three difficult games ahead of the brown and white team. Hanover, Rostock and the club on the outskirts of the city are not self-sufficient.

Today's game was overshadowed by the sadness of the fan “Kiste”, who left us far too soon. The South dressed in black before the game in his honor. A worthy farewell.

At the beginning of the second half, Gegenstraight and Nord drew attention to the fear of some people being extradited to Hungary and an event to do so on April 18.4th. attentive.

In summary, one might think that sometimes football isn't that important.

thanks to Yannick for pointing out that SV stands for sports association and therefore it has to say “the” at the beginning of my post.

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