Bloodless St. Pauli

I'm very fond of the brown and white boys, but what was that? There's no point in making big noises like Irvines during the week “We can make history.” or Hürzelers “We strive for the highest!” and then you walk across the lawn in the derby so bloodless.

The truth is always on the pitch! And on Friday evening HSV showed how to play a city derby. Physically robust, strong in duels and with the will to win the game.

It's completely incomprehensible how FC St. Pauli accompanied the balls with such pomaliness. Should the ultimately deserved promotion to the first Bundesliga succeed - which I of course assume despite the anemic performance on Friday evening - the games will be rather frustrating experiences.

It's no surprise that coach Hürzeler - even though his team almost didn't appear in the opponent's half at all in the second half - only came on when he absolutely had to. It is not the first time that the coaching team has reacted significantly too late.

It was thanks to FC St. Pauli referee Matthias Jöllenbeck that it took until the 85th minute before one of Glatzel's goals counted. Incidentally, Nikola Vasilj made the only mistake in the St. Pauli goal when it came to the decisive winning goal - otherwise the bell would have rung much earlier.

Conclusion: HSV deserves to win the city derby and Hürzeler obviously can't do a derby. For the third time in a row, HSV wins against FC St. Pauli in their home stadium. It's been four years since brown and white won a threesome at Volkspark.

Of course the Millernton has the game again eloquently summarized and comes to a similarly sobering, but not as harsh, conclusion.

What follows now? FC St. Pauli can now play next year Saturday Sunday (thanks Marko) make the climb clear. And despite all the frustration about the bloodless performance in the Volkspark: the promotion would be absolutely deserved. The boys in brown and white played the 2023/24 season too confidently. However, an increase in performance must be the same as the absolute will to get the necessary last three points. I believe!

  1. Small correction: Our magical FC will play on Sunday next week and can then secure promotion themselves.

    Maybe it was already made clear to him by others in Kiel on Saturday if Düsseldorf lost there.

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