Paderborn can't find a way either

Even sixth-placed SC Paderborn cannot find a way to defeat the current league leaders from Hamburg at Millerntor at home. FC St. Pauli remains unbeaten in their own stadium this season. The boys in brown and white play so confidently that as a spectator you only had to worry about something for about 10 minutes. Then Paderborn's only goal-scoring striker begged so intensely for a second yellow card that he got it. He repeated a mistake we made at the Millerntor seen before with this game save have. No matter, with the majority, FC St. Pauli easily makes it 2-1 over time.

Staying in the league is slowly becoming more and more unlikely for FC St. Pauli. Eleven points for the relegation place with twenty-one points still to be awarded. The team will play three more games against teams from the bottom of the table. In the past this would have made me rather uneasy, but this season FC St. Pauli is simply too confident for this league. Now it's time to stay focused - and I trust the team and support staff to do that too. Let’s not get excited too soon – and as we all know, anticipation is the best joy.

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