Fotowalk am Fischmarkt
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Fotowalk am Sonntag

Sonntag morgen wache ich auf, zart tröpfelt der Regen gegen das Schlafzimmerfenster. Ein verschlafener Blick auf’s Regenradar versüsst den Morgen. Schon bald wird es trocken sein. Es gibt nicht viele Menschen, denen ich dann früh an einem Sonntag eine SMS…


Man with dog

Took this picture of the nice man with his dog while being participant of the WeShootFuji Fotowalk in Hamburg. Surely one of the best podcasts – not only for Fuji photographer. For the walk I left my Leicas at home…



I only had some minutes on my way from Aachen back home, while waiting for my next train but I had to put my feet some inches out of the station to have the short view on the cathedral.



Moved my son to his new home where he’s going to study – the kids are growing fast these days… Of course I had my camera with me but only very little time. So I did some postcard shots from…


Summer in Hamburg – Part II

Did you see part I? And did you know, that you can close this text window to see the picture even bigger? Just have a look at the X at the top of the page which transforms to a <- when…

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