January, 3rd – Day 10 of 366

Lots of fun with Christine and Sven while looking at my pictures from India. Both helped me a lot, getting my final edit

ISO1600, 50mm, slightly underexposed because I’m still learning to read the exposure meter – and interpret the metering – correctly

  1. That was fun indeed! Just read about the light meter: didn’t realize you were reading us with it. I guess I’m a smarty pants asking, but: shouldn’t you have metered the incident light directly from us? On top of being a smart ass, I have to brag a little: was able to get a minolta IV for 25 Euros to use with the M9. Helps a lot for street situations, is a little impractical for spontaneous portraits since you have to put it literally in people’s faces.

    1. You’re absolutely right regarding the metering. And I did it even without holding it in your face 🙂
      And yes, the Minolta IV is great, but a little bit too big for my preferences.

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